Plate fragments
The reconstruction used in this paleolatitude calculator uses the plates and plate fragments shown in the above Figure A (simplified from Seton et al. (2012)) and uses the following plate rotation parameters:

Full table of plates and plate fragments

Plate ID  Plate name      Plate namePlate ID
101North America Africa701
102Greenland Alleghanian orogen199
103North Slope Alaska Amerasia Basin119
104Mexican terranes Amuria453
105Baja California Arabia503
113Northwind Ridge Australia801
119Amerasia Basin Baja California105
199Alleghanian orogen Baltica301
201South America Capricorn511
205Yucatan Caribbean2007
276Sandwich Chortis Block2035
277North Scotia Cocos909
301Baltica Cuba segment2022
304Iberia East Antarctica802
315Eurasian Variscides East Pareve Vela610
317Porcupine Elan Bank514
387Riveria Eurasian Variscides315
401Siberia Greater Panama2031
409Northeast Siberia Greenland102
430Tarim Iberia304
453Amuria India501
501India Jan Mayen907
503Arabia Juan de Fuca903
511Capricorn Lord Howe Rise833
514Elan Bank Madagascar702
601North China Maracaibo Block2030
602South China Marianas forearc699
608South Phillipine Sea Mexican terranes104
610East Pareve Vela Mobile belt - unconstrained1001
611North Parece Vela Nazca911
653North Caroline Sea North America101
688Southwest Caroline Sea North Caroline Sea653
699Marianas forearc North China601
701Africa North Nicaraguan Rise2047
702Madagascar North Parece Vela611
704Seychelles North Philippine Sea927
714NW Africa North Scotia277
801Australia North Slope Alaska103
802East Antarctica Northeast Siberia409
804West Antarctica Northwind Ridge113
820South Scotia NW Africa714
833Lord Howe Rise Pacific901
901Pacific Phoenix904
903Juan de Fuca Porcupine317
904Phoenix Riveria387
907Jan Mayen Sandwich276
909Cocos Seychelles704
911Nazca Siberia401
927North Philippine Sea Siuna Terrane2040
1001Mobile belt - unconstrained South America201
2007Caribbean South China602
2022Cuba segment South Phillipine Sea608
2030Maracaibo Block South Scotia820
2031Greater Panama Southwest Caroline Sea688
2035Chortis Block Tarim430
2040Siuna Terrane West Antarctica804
2047North Nicaraguan Rise Yucatan205


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